confetti latkes

i was searching for gluten-free recipes and resources today when i came across this recipe for confetti latkes...a new twist on latkes, made with parsnips and carrots by Gluten-Free By the Bay. thought i'd "bookmark" it here for later use.

[post edit/May 3]

a Jewish recipe for potato latkes by words to eat by.

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buttermilk scones

i finally got a chance to try out this buttermilk scone recipe, blogged by my friend Cellissimo. it is yummy...light and flaky on the inside and a little crusty on the outside. what i liked most about it was the fact that it didn't have that aftertaste of baking soda that i always seem to get with store bought scones. i used alum free Rumford baking powder and Arm & Hammer baking soda for leavening. next time i make it, i'll use more lemon zest than i did today.

here's a closer up look at the flaky scones:

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more good comics

more good comics recommended by my friend Zenheart. This one's by Kazu Kibuishi of Bolt City.

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comic artist

this comic is by Erika Moen. i found out about her through my friend Zenheart. interesting sketches...

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