Vegan Lunch Box

Slashfood is constantly linking me to great sites, and i had to mention this food blog Vegan Lunch Box, which is now linked to my blog. Jennifer, the author of this blog, features the lunch box meals she packs for her kid using Laptop Lunch Boxes.

Jennifer has also created The Magical Loaf Studio, a very clever vegan loaf generator for those of you who are into making dinner loaves.

i was a vegan for about 12 years, and even though i don't practice veganism "religiously" any more, i still think a meat-free diet is a healthier way of life.

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Cooking Cute - Bento Love

i came across this Cooking Cute bento food blog and just had to add it to my links of Food Blogs to Note.

when i was in school, my mom packed our lunches in these tiffin carriers. not as fancy as bento boxes, but they ensured we had wholesome, homecooked food.

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Gilroy Garlic Festival

i volunteered for the first time at the Gilroy Garlic Festival today. my volunteer name tag said i was a garlic bread chef. i was actually assigned as a "runner" between the grilling ovens, where the french bread was toasted, and the "garlic butter smearing" station (not sure what to call it), where the toasted bread was smeared with that tasty garlic butter and cut up before serving. i'm not sure how many runs i made between the two stations, the distance between them being about 50 meters, the length of an olympic size swimming pool. all i know is that my feet are sore from standing and walking since 1:45pm till we were done at about 7pm. i got to take a few potty breaks and refreshment breaks. there was a "rain room" set up where misters sprayed cool mists of water under a canopy and cooled us down. i had a fun time chatting with fellow volunteers while working.

wish i had pictures of my own to post, but my hands were occupied delivering bread to the buttering station. you can check out KSBW's news coverage of the event at:
you'll see the garlic bread buttering station in the video, and also the Pyro Chefs stirring up flames at the garlic scampi station.



more latte art

Mocha poured by Bob
Originally uploaded by tonx.

click on the photo to view more magnificent latte art photographed by tonx

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piggy latte art

Originally uploaded by DBTabasco.

this piggy latte photo is dedicated to my friend Jewels

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Latte Art

Latte Art
Originally uploaded by Hayley999.

my latest obsession...looking at latte art on flickr.com

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flip desserts

Fruit is the main, dessert is the garnish

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Ice Spoons - Slashfood

was searching for iced tea spoons on the net when i came across this neat food gadget:



D.I.Y Ice Kachang

D.I.Y Ice Kachang
Originally uploaded by Kewlz Kid.

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sparkly ice kachang

Ice Kachang
Originally uploaded by lithium_f1ower.

another version of ice kachang in Singapore

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Japanese version of ice kachang?

digging in
Originally uploaded by varf.

looks refreshing....it's got green tea!

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more shaved ice dessert photos

Asian Shaved Ice (Vol.1)
Originally uploaded by Eat-My-Heart-Out 你吃,我看.

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ice kachang, Singapore

ice kachang, Singapore
Originally uploaded by superlocal.

mannn...i would do just about anything to get my face in this dish of ice kachang now!

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Originally uploaded by Blue Lotus.

more good food...i've been "colliding" into food blogs and pictures lately...watching a lot of food network tv a lot, too....is that why?

this is a yummy picture of homemade 餃子



Indonesia Restaurant

saw this blog with a review of Indonesia Restaurant in San Francisco:

Indonesia Restaurant
678-680 Post Street
San Francisco, California
Telephone: 415.474.4026

must try it out some time.

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men style


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good friends

today...well, i guess it was yesterday already...i got to spend some time with former classmate friends, Darlene and Andrea, at Church on the Hill's Spirit of America 2006 4th of July celebrations. we listened to the various bands, enjoyed good food, and oohed and aahed at the grand fireworks display. mostly i enjoyed hanging out with my old friends.

today, i had a unique experience with ice cream...
my first encounter with dippindots http://dippindots.com/
here are the locations near me http://www.dippindots.com/locations_detail.asp

also, i've had a new web experience setting up MySpace at http://myspace.com/missuspie
check out MySpace some time.

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