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HTML and forums stuff

thought i'd better blog it here, else so hard to find my links with all my other different "pages"...




lucky bamboo

just watered my lucky bamboo. poor thing.... i didn't know that it thrives in water.

got tips from this very informative and useful site: http://www.wmorientalconcepts.com/Luckybamboo.htm

some music links to note...

Some Children See Him
http://members.tripod.com/~rosemck1/some-children-see-him.html http://www.turtlecreek.org/music/linerpages/aroaminholiday.htm

The Hymns and Carols of Christmas

Kids' Corner

Alfred Burt Carols official site




great music & sounds

listened to NPR on 88.5FM tonite while driving to Lillian's...they had some great stuff on t'nite...


edgy > > >

i've just been so edgy today, so much energy and trying to focus and not be ADD. as i told Pie last night, two benefits of being in this hyper state--i get 2 c's--creativity and confidence.

stayed an additional 1/2 hr at OICW this morning. got to chat with a few more students and get to know them. met Carlina, Cathy, Kelly, and Cynthia. also made a simple seating chart on Excel to help me remember who's all that's there.

my honey sent me an email and signed it off, "gently and tenderly". he really knows how to love me the way i like being loved. i am sooooo in love with him! mmmmm.....



dinyahloreng: be a native speaker

check this link out: a blog on language use....how fun!!!

Dinyahloreng: Be a Native Speaker

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a new adventure...

i've been wanting to do this for a while... Lilibeth's new blog site at xanga.com inspired me today ;-) but i also remembered Ita's introducing me to blogger.com some time ago. Steve & Eileen Kong's website with their php forum also gave me this idea... i want to document my wonderful life with my sweetheart, Mister Pie, and what's in store for us in the days, months and years to come. i love you, my sweet!!!

let's see if blogger.com lets me do this satisfactorily...

this morning, it was foggy and visibility was poor when i drove my car to W&K for an oil change. but the sun has come out and it's going to be another beautiful autumn day in northern california....