former SAUC and SDAS compound

Location Map of This Spot

click on the link to zoom in on the spot where the former SAUC and SDAS campus was located. those were the two schools i attended in Singapore.

if you have Google Earth, enter the coordinates 1 20'10" N 103 52'10" E to see an aerial photo of the location.



i made carrot, cauliflower, and zucchini tempura this afternoon for lunch using this recipe. batter was very light, a little too light than what i'd have liked it to be. i didn't take any pictures because i didn't think my tempura looked too great although it didn't taste too bad. and i don't think i'll make tempura again at home. i was tired after all that deep frying, and the apartment is still smelling like an Asian restaurant. plus all the cleanup and greasy feel on the kitchen floor...

i'll eat tempura, just not make it at home.

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roast chicken

babe roast chic 02
Originally uploaded by babe_kl.

a good roast chicken recipe to note.

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more fancy mooncake

i liked this collection of mooncakes so much i had to make a mosaic of them and blog it here. these pictures were posted by flickr.com member babe_kl. her blog is here. click on the image above to see links to the original photos.

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jelly mooncakes

today, i added masak-masak to my food blogroll. it was thru this blog that i learned about jelly mooncakes. the author made this longan jelly mooncake.

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月餅 (Vol.2) Mooncake
Originally uploaded by Eat-My-Heart-Out 你吃,我看.

it's that time of year again for mooncakes. while surveying several food blogs today, i learned about jelly mooncakes for the first time, and realized just how deprived i've been of these wonderful delicacies. above is a collection of mooncakes from one of my flickr.com contacts. aren't these just so yummy!!!

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the elephant song - cool songs for kids by Eric Herman

Song by Eric Herman. Via flagrantdisregard.

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