Happy BlogDay 2006!

just found out that today is BlogDay!



new in the fondue pot

i tried to make cheese fondue today and my cheese sauce ended up all gritty. so i logged onto several discussion forums to seek an explanation. i learned that i probably had the heat too high so the cheese elements "separate."

i found an insightful article entitled Curdle Hurdles on why cheese "curdles" at high temperatures.

and a Swiss cheese fondue recipe with some interesting fondue factoids.



Indian food rocks

i totally agree!!! found this blog Indian Food Rocks while surveying my blog links, and just had to make mention. great recipes, too! i'm very keen on trying the Spicy Jeera Chicken some time.

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more bento love

i've been trying to get inspiration to make more homecooked food, and my latest interest/obsession is finding personal bento sites. love the pictures and the creativity.

Bento Corner
cafelait1's bento photos
veggiekitty's bento photos

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