apple gorgonzola pizza

this apple & gorgonzola pizza from Albion Cooks sounds like a yummy combination.

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caramel apple cupcakes

Caramel Apple Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by chockylit.

saw this interesting cupcake unlike any other i've seen before. see the recipe here and nicer, how-to pictures here.

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mini sandwiches for snacking

found another delicious-looking recipe i'd like to try some time - Caprese Mini Sandwiches featured on Simply Recipes by Elise Bauer.

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well fed

this zucchini fritter salad was featured on a new food blog Well Fed, which i discovered today. the writer is a freelance TV writer/story editor based in West Hollywood, CA.

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potato pizzas

i saw this recipe for potato pizzas on FatFree Vegan Kitchen and had to bookmark it here.

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Trader Joe's fans

i just discovered a Trader Joe's fan base through my flickr.com groups. here are some independent sites devoted to all things TJs:

Tracking Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Fan

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deep south sushi fusion

a recipe post i found through Slashfood.com features a sushi with southern flare - sushi rice wrapped with collard greens and stuffed with smothered chicken and oven roasted okra. sounds interesting enough to bookmark here for later. incidentally, this was the site that led me to MediterrAsian.com (see my next blog post).

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i came across an interesting website this evening while on the internet - MediterrAsian.com - a site showcasing the health-giving benefits of the Mediterranean and the Asian diet and lifestyle. the site shares scientific research behind the secrets of the health and longevity enjoyed by people living in Mediterranean and Asian countries like Greece, Japan, Italy and China. they also give practical help like a 7-day menu plan and recipes, and links to other helpful resources.


Heaven on a plate - Kashmiri Pulao

found this Kashmiri Pulao recipe by Archana Thomas of Spicyana and just had to bookmark it here for later use.

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fd's Flickr Toys

i've been having fun with fd's Flickr Toys lately and this is my latest creation:

Wedding Mosaic 1