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saw this blogspot today....gotta check it out later:




remedies for colds and "gan mao"

today, my students shared some cold remedies with me...

beat an egg, stir in boiling water
mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with honey
stir lemon-honey mixture into egg mixture and imbibe

here's another...
place 1/2 luo han guo, handful of northern chinese almonds (bei xin), a small bunch of dried bok choy, chicken bones/breast in pot with 4-5 bowls of water. stew for 2 hours.

i tried the above; it doesn't taste bad at all...in fact, reminded me of Brand's Essence of Chicken. let's see if this really works.


happy new year!

happy new year, blogspot!

today, i raked the pine needles and other muck off our sloping driveway. came home from class, stopped at the bottom of the driveway to pick up the mail, and spun some wheelies trying to start up the hill. so i decided it was a good idea to get the rake out. i was out there at about 4:30pm and it was a little nippy...but it felt good to be outdoors, exercising, breathing in the fresh, crisp, rainwashed air...inhaling the fresh scent of pine needles. i actually filled up the sticks and twigs bin!