yummy veges on broiled polenta

found this roasted vegetables on polenta recipe by [gluten-free] goddess, it looks soooo good i had to bookmark it here for handy reference.

[Post Edit 3.26.2007]
made this for supper last night and even had leftovers for lunch today. i have never felt so good after a meal as i have after having this dish, sans the cheese since i forgot to get any. this is definitely on the top of my favorite recipes list! thanks again to Karina for sharing!

[Post Edit 4.29.2007]
found a similar recipe of oven roasted vegetables and polenta.

[Post Edit 7.5.2007]
tried a new pairing for these yummy roasted veges tonight: served over slices of crunchy "baked" potato slices - sliced potatoes, sprinkled with Spike All Purpose Seasoning and microwaved for 2 minutes (yes, they were still raw-crunchy). i loved it!

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At March 22, 2007 8:37 AM, Blogger Karina said...

Hi Pie Girl! Thanks for the shout out. It's such an easy recipe. And yeah. It's yummy.

Take care! Karina

At March 22, 2007 4:09 PM, Blogger Piegirl said...

Karina, I still haven't had a chance to try it, but I bet it is yummy! Thanks for sharing!


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